TATS CRU is a multi-artist collective. Each artist's distinct style and creative process adds to the collective and the work they produce. This piece depicts NYC's street art boom of the 1980's, where artists plastered subway cars with their work, as well as giving a full picture to the area during that time.

Done in aerosol spray paint for the Wynwood Walls; Art Basel 2019.


TRISTAN EATON is a street artist and muralist. He is the co-founder of popular cartoon collectibles "Kid Robot," credited with being one of the initial forces behind the "designer toy" craze. His murals are done with free-hand spray paint to provide a dynamic look toward his subject-matter.

Mural done with aerosol spray paint for the Wynwood Walls, Art Basel 2017. This mural was inspired by the #MeToo movement, depicting empowering and equality of women.